Our Impact


Over the past ten years, Laini Fluellen Charities has raised over $150,000 through grass roots efforts to advance our mission of improving outcomes for young women at high risk for triple-negative breast cancer diagnosis in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area. In addition to raising funds for TNBC research and mammograms, we run awareness campaigns, facilitate events and promote early detection and breast health education. Through the support of our donors, sponsors and grants, we plan to expand our reach to the fight against TNBC at the national level

TNBC Research

We build relationships with local hospitals to raise awareness among medical professionals about the latest TNBC treatments. Through our established partnerships, we fund research studies and clinical trials focused on developing new treatments for TNBC. Five new research studies including this clinical trial on platinum-based chemotherapy were made available in local hospitals due to our advocacy over the last ten years.

Mammogram Subsidy Program

These partnerships also allow us to subsidize mammograms for people who are uninsured or underinsured. Early detection is a key factor in a TNBC patient’s chances of survival, and some insurance plans don’t cover mammograms for women under age 40—when Black and Hispanic women are already at a higher risk for TNBC. Screening mammograms cost up to $350 and diagnostic mammograms cost up to $500. Individuals must contact our partner hospitals to receive mammogram subsidies.

Beth’s Bags

Beth’s Bags is a care package program which distributes nearly 400 care packages to patients annually at three local hospitals.  Beth’s Bag includes comprehensive medical planners and journals to help newly diagnosed breast cancer patients navigate their treatment process. Beth’s Bag was inspired by Beth Brantley Paschal, a Northwest Indiana native, who collected items to support and comfort her friend who was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and gave the items to her in a decorated gift bag. Later the same year, Beth was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer at age 37 but lost her battle with the disease. The Beth’s Bag Project honors her compassion for others by lifting the spirits of women going through the cancer treatment process and reminds them they are not alone.  Beth’s Bag is currently distributed to the following hospitals:

Know Your Lemons Campaign

We have joined a worldwide campaign to fight breast cancer by empowering women with the knowledge needed to recognize the 12 early signs of breast cancer and the confidence needed to advocate for themselves during the screening and treatment process.  Early detection with proper treatment can greatly reduce the mortality rate for breast cancer around the globe.  This campaign was started by the Know Your Lemons founder, Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont MFA PhD, X years ago.  As of 2020, the campaign has reached 1 billion people online because the #knowyourlemons campaign is something people love to look at and share.

Laini Fluellen Charities is proud to be the first Global Educators (aka Lemonistas) in the Midwest certified to teach the 90-minute course.  If you are interested in having the Know Your Lemons breast health class (via Zoom) presented to your group, please contact us at lfcharities@gmail.com.

Learn more about the Know Your Lemons Campaign here.

Advocacy and Awareness

We participate in a minimum of five awareness programs throughout the year through community hospitals, churches and other organizations. Our volunteers increase public awareness about TNBC and encourage early detection measures among women at high risk for developing TNBC at health fairs, speaking engagements and other events.

Check out our Events Page to learn more about our annual Pink Tie Affair and other regular events including the Pin-A-Sister™ and Know Your Lemons® campaigns.