12th Annual LFC Pink Tie Affair

Join us for the 12th annual LFC Pink Tie Affair, a momentous event dedicated to raising awareness and crucial funds in the battle against triple negative breast cancer.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join the LFC A Pink Tie Affair family and partner with us in this important cause.


Not all breast cancers are alike. Although advances in medical treatment have improved overall breast cancer survival rates tremendously over the last 40 years, some forms of the disease such as triple-negative breast cancer are much more aggressive than other types, with fewer treatment options. The survival rates for patients with these aggressive forms of the disease are still very low, and women under 40 and women with African or Hispanic ancestry are more likely to be impacted by TNBC. Our mission is to improve health outcomes for these women through TNBC research, early detection and breast health education.

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